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People often think sponsoring the events involves giving monetary funds to an event Host and management. More than that, it offers opportunities for both the Sponsors and the Event in many ways.

Benefits to SPONSOR  with us -:

  • We  Increase brand exposure through our  event itself through event advertising and media coverage
  • We create in-event speaking opportunities that help boost your  brand equity  .
  • We create direct contact with an audience full of relatively warm leads.
  • We provide access to data about attendees and in-event interactions, which can be highly informative for product development and market research.

Share Holders

At Shagufta Hanaphie Group we believe that maximizing profit and minimizing costs is not the only way to maintain and grow our company. True value is more than just maximizing profits for our share holders, it’s also about creating shared value that will lead us to a value related to contributing to community and the environment. Our business model and brands  are uniquely designed to create greater value and to enrich all lives.


We started our business by understanding the bigger world around us, seeing ourselves as part of the whole existing system, a bigger picture. We make every effort to create transformations and innovations that have the potential to enrich lives, not only for our companies and consumers, but also for the welfare of community.


We create true value by making positive changes to the environment as a result of our creativity.


We are committed to providing true value to our consumers through products and services that have a positive impact on their lives. We love seeing the incredible results that our clients are able to achieve when they are able to deeply connect with their goals and open their organizations to new dreams and enrichment of their vision of success and opportunity.


Our culture supports our employees in achieving their potential, life balance, recognition, and career development. We believe that when our employees are given the opportunity to connect with the important things in their lives and channel their creativity, it will enable them to leap into a new era full of exciting opportunities for true value creation in contributing to consumers, share holders, communities, and the environment

Sponsorship provides both parties invaluable exposure and can lead to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that drive future business growth.