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Public Relations


Public Relations is mainly about sending the right messages to the right place and the right people, creating a stronger brand reputation for the business, and a medium that can transform the future and profitability of a business. When used properly, it can give a business the ability to overcome almost any obstacle it may face. This is what makes PR so essential for any business.

We’re as  PR agency work with a network of top media contacts across consumer, lifestyle, national, TV, radio and podcasts. We get outstanding levels of press whether it’s a prime-time TV interview or a top feature in a newspaper or magazine. We work with you to get the best editorial and broadcast results possible.

At SHE we have a dedicated team of PR specialists to manage your campaigns in the traditional as well as digital platforms.

Our team of PR specialists uses both traditional and digital media tools to attract the target audience and increase publicity. While our traditional tools include statements and news releases for media, newsletters, organization, and participation at conferences, conventions, awards, public events, among others, our digital media tools comprises of social media, digital marketing, networking, and blogs. This, in turn, generates more inquiries and sales.

Our in-house PR team performs the following functions to boost our clients’ public image and make their brand big and popular in the industry.

Arrange Press Conference

The press conference plays a major role to inform the target audience about important information. One or few spokes persons may participate the press conference and present their views in detail to the media. By discussing directly with the media, they can articulate the information they want to convey in detail and clearly. Press conferences are also used to answer the diverse questions of journalists, dispel any doubts that the public may have and to stimulate their desire.

Press Release Dissemination

Your business has a wealth of compelling news that will attract your target audience. We will help you get it  noticed! We provide a clear and reliable process for distributing your press releases saving you countless hours and enabling you to capitalise on opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

PR Event Management

Our PR team helps you to plan and promote events, handle media and publicity, manage sponsor relations, celebrity promotions and stage lead-up events. We help companies develop and design point of purchase material, direct mailers, annual reports, calendars, merchandise and corporate films.

Crisis Communication

Team  SHE is well-trained in crisis management. We prepare clients to handle unanticipated situations and offer expertise in prevention management; planning; team forming; media responses and recovery management.