Shagufta Hanaphie/Personal Branding Coach

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Shagufta Hanaphie

Founder – SHE

“ As an event professional it is probably in my nature to strive for perfection and to be the best I possibly can. As an event planner , curator , author , publuc relation professional i try to give my best and i also believe that practice makes you perfect . I have broken my boundaries to do event out of box which has helped me in gaining experiences and also making the best way to ensure continuous learning and improvement. “

Create and Enhance Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems

SHE is a fully-fledged, fledged communications agency with an unconventional innovative team run by smart brand builders and out-of-the-box storytellers.

At SHE, Shagufta believes in building relationships and telling stories for her clients in the traditional and online space through simplified communication, keeping in mind their needs and preferences.

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